EQuality v1.11

January 21, 2011

Out now; EQuality v1.11; minor bugfix/update release: v1.11 – Fix RTAS/AudioSuite mousehandling – Fix RTAS/AudioSuite resizing bug – Fix RTAS automation highlights bug – Graph Zoom (as pref) – Enter note names on note-mode textboxes – Fix slider ‘hover’ mode Grab the installer here!


Indispensable Compressors

January 17, 2011

Help me build a list please. Obvious ones: SSL Neve 33609/2254 Teletronix LA2A Urei 1176 Fairchild 670 dbx160 Alesis 3630 Any others?


Design Dilemma

January 16, 2011

Mr Oktalski (my graphic designer) is a very smart guy. So I tend to take it very seriously when he makes an observation. He’s been working his way through the controls, of which there are many, and posed the question: which hardware compressors will this model well (i.e. indistinguishably from the hardware). Immediately I can […]


The compressor…

January 12, 2011

…is coming along very nicely. Before I start rambling about that, here’s the updates from me: TL;DR: I went to Ibiza, made some plugins, came back, moved to Brighton (UK), got v1.10 of EQuality out, and hid out and did a lot of work on the compressor. So, let’s talk about dynamics. Today, the compressor […]