EQuality v1.12 out now

May 9, 2011

Hey, – Graph zoom. – 64bit VST/VST3 mac support. – Configurable CPU usage for Minimum/Analogue/Linear Phase modes – CPU Optimises in Digital/Digital+ modes. – Other misc tweaks (AU value display, ProTools controlsurface support enhanced, tweaks, fixes). Out now. Grab it from dmgaudio.com Dave.


Compassion v1.02

May 4, 2011

Hi, Some tweaking, some improvements, and v1.02 is out. Grab it from the Compassion page! Changes: Changelog v1.00->v1.01 – Fix: Crash in Mono mode when plugin Expired – Fix: Misprocessing of Split-EQ in Mono mode Changelog v1.01->v1.02 – Added: Detectors and Split Mix displayed in dB. – Fix: Display of Expansion/Ratio values – Fix: Textual […]