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September 8, 2011

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  1. nice !! though i would like to see some brighter colors for the curves in there, all of these seem a bit dull..

  2. Dull?, might be your monitor, the colours look perfect in that picture, just the right balance :)

  3. Colours look fine to me, i don’t see the point of colour bands that look like a packet of skittles and require the use of sunglasses while working.

  4. well, I like those elegant dim colors. I´m sure they´ll show brighter when selecting eq bands, that´s easy work flow.

  5. What’s that thing to the right of the setup button? A curve selector? Skewed bells (yes, I’ve been reading up on the new one from the guys down in the corner of the mediterranean…)? Saturation? Weird stuff? Is this the new one, a mix-eq perhaps?


  6. ^^^ it could be just analyzer on/off.

  7. Killjoy.

  8. It is indeed analyser on/off. The selected band highlights when you mouseover and the colours are defined by frequency.

  9. :) Anyway, any hints on the differences between this and EQuality?


  10. …and there the email from Dave ticked in, I get the equick for free! Amazing.


  11. please check a (possible) features you can add in future updates of
    EQuick. Hope this helps.

    1) at this moment i can’t delete more then one selected bands.
    i mean i can’t select 2 or more bands and delete them by one click.
    may be “special button” @ top bar will help or some sort of “global delete” button.
    2) mouse sensivity “much much broader” mode for much faster band q responce.
    so band Q changes very slow even with “broad” mouse sensivity mode.
    3) inverted Q option only for bands with negative dB values (less than 0 dB)
    4) hotkeys and mouse buttons (ctrl, alt, shift) hints in the parameters display.
    5) “pro q like” key modifiers while dragging. alt+drag – preserve band frequency (or band gain).
    alt + click – mute band. ctrl+drag- change band Q.
    6) autolisten Q – 24 dB option
    8) “reset bands” button @ top bar to remove all bands by one click!
    9) different band color for MID mode. SIDE mode paints bands to blue. ok.
    MID mode and STEREO mode has the same white curve eq color.
    may be change MID mode curve eq color to yellow so user will SEE the difference in modes very quickly.
    but yellow color will appear only when MID mode is selected. in STEREO mode MID bands will still white.
    10) possibility to select a few bands with key modifier.
    click on one band, press keymodifier (shift, for example), select another few bands.

    also, Dave can you make an analyzer plugin which we can put on master, see our mix spectrum and compare it
    with other spectrum graphs (of other mixes which we can analyze, store
    and recall)?
    something like smaart 7 analyzer in plugin format with incredible DMG Audio analyzer engine!

  12. This is perfect EQ along with Equality. Why Analog mode is not contained can be imagined. I am glad if I have Option added so that only an EQualoty user can use.

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