Surround and M/S

April 9, 2012


M/S is a well known and well-loved technique in stereo processing.
New EQ will allow you to place bands on any/all subchannels… but (how?) is M/S used in surround?
Do you need to place a band on the M/S of, say, L+R? If so would you then still want to be able to process L individually?

Any thoughts on this?? :D:D


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  1. Yo Dave :)

    Being able to add bands for L and R separately within one instance as well as either M or S (as in Equick) would be super sexy. I have many occasions when I need to use three instances of Equality to process a single band each on mid and L and R.

    As for the Surround thing, it’s a bit of a melon twister and I’m not sure what the answer is there?!

    I guess for diehard surround tweakheads the solution might be to have an additional advanced pane which allows you to do mid\side encode/decode between user specified channels. Though what behaviour to have set by default I don’t know.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in this new one Bro, See you soon :)

  2. You will indeed have independent MS and LR ;)

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