Just gone to beta…

March 1, 2010

… very proud to unveil the new UI…

Full mode:

Graph mode:

and Knobs mode (for eyes-shut work):

I’ll let you know how beta goes ;)


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  1. Looks like a mighty fine eq, regarding features and the gui. Is there any newsletter one can subscribe to?

  2. I’m setting up an announce list. I’ll post when it’s up and ready!

  3. so how long will this beta period go?

  4. nice to know, please add me to this news list.
    Looking forward to the offical release!

  5. Phil, you’re added… lemme know if it works ;)

  6. sunny: not more than one week.
    I am hoping to release on Saturday 20th March.
    If this deadline moves, I’ll post. ;)

  7. I received the newsletter confirmation. Thanks Dave!

  8. Will this be available as an AU plug-in??

  9. Yep. 32bit AND 64bit, PPC and Intel.

  10. Perfect timing!

    I’ve been demoing EQ plugs all week and Equality looks exactly like what I want.

    I tried the Redline EQ. Nice except for every track I used it on ended up out of sync. (are you going to have a zero latency mode?) I tried the Sonalksis, the Vertex DSP, and the FabFilter to name a few. My head is swimming with EQs at this point.

    I LOVE the way yours looks. I understand it instantly.

    One thing really handy for Protools users (like me) would be a polarity (phase) switch. (and the zero latency option)

    I’m really looking forward to March the 20th. I’m sure this baby will sound every bit as good as it looks!

    Andy Bullington

  11. Glad to hear that!
    Yes, there are 3 zero latency modes. :D (Digital, Digital+, Minimum Phase)
    Only the linear phase and “analogue phase” modes incur latency, but it’s host compensated.

    The phase switch is the one thing, when we got to the end of designing the interface, where we realised it was missing, and facepalmed.
    We’ll find a spot for one on the interface when time allows, but it’s all hands to the pump right at the minute :D

    Just to prewarn you, I’m not going to be able to offer an RTAS version on launch day; it should be fine with a wrapper in the interim.
    I’m still (eagerly) waiting for Digidesign to get back to me and give me the OK to do an RTAS port (for such is the law).
    As soon as that happens, there’ll be RTAS. Apologies for this inconvenience. It oughtn’t be for long. :S



  12. Sounds great! I’ve got the wrapper already and I also use Live 8, which of course, is Vst.

    Interesting about the “host compensated” comment. I’m doing music for short documentaries and some of it is a little experimental with multiple duplicate tracks I treat in different ways.

    The Redline EQ was unuseable for this because of huge latency (I guess). Every track with the Redline EQ ended up out of sync in Protools regardless of my buffer settings.

    I assumed this was some kind of inherent problem with linear phase EQ. (I’m more of a music person and not terribly technical as you can tell)

    Are you saying that Equalizer will compensate for the linear phase latency issue? Please excuse my ignorance.

    Andy B

  13. Just got the OK from Digi. Will try and get the RTAS port together ASAP.

    In terms of compensation, there is a limit to how long a compensation ProTools will make. Also, PT doesn’t dynamically adjust for latency, so I’ll have two modes of EQuality available – one zero-latency for digital/digital+/minphase, and one that declares its latency for linear/analogue phase. This way, everything will stay in synch :)


  14. Sounds great Dave. I look forward to the 20th!

    Andy B

  15. Hi Dave…. nice to meet you… I read many opinions about your EQuality… I would like try it too… I am a mastering engineer, I live in Maracaibo Venezuela… Any info about price and options for DEMO?

    Best regards

    Edgar Puglisi

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