Just a sneak preview…

April 19, 2011

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  1. Wow, this plugin looks awesome, it’s like dynamics heaven. The lower part is crazy. Now, I need this. :)

  2. Mmmm, me likey….a LOT!!!!
    Nice and clear GUI. I just KNOW it will sound fantastic.
    Whenever it’s ready for public release, i’ll buy it!

    Great work guys, congratulations!

  3. Can’t wait!

  4. The interface is nice and clean :) Can’t wait to hear how it sounds.

  5. Yep, looks nice..I’m curious about the mods icon and the detectors and of course The Graph :)

    Please add a range for the graphical readout of gain reduction, I just hate to look at this kind of read outs on a 23″ 2048 x 1152 tft :) 0-12 dB would be nice, thanks.

    Have a nice launch, cheers …

    Aah, sorry..wouldn’t it be nice to switch directly to B if you have copied from A to B. Makes more sense to me but it’s just me :)

  6. I’m intrigued! Does the detector section on the bottom left allow clicking to select between linked L/R and Mid/Side modes? Any ideas on a price point yet?

    Shite, just gonna have to wait I guess but I have a million questions hehe!

    All the best for this Dave, You da Man!

  7. Is there a gain reduction limiter, similar to the Mpressor or Glue?

    Ok i’m gonna shut up now and attempt to be patient :)

  8. Yes, an estimated release date and price would be nice ;)

  9. @guppi – right/ctrl-click the VU. The range is a preference; 6/12/18/24dB ;)
    @guppi – switch to A/B; was literally talking about that the other day! Think you’re right.

    @Scorb – Does indeed. Also configuration of peak/sum detector types, channel bypass etc. It’s handy ;)
    @Scorb – Yes, there’s a Clip-Limiter which is unbelievably useful surprisingly often.

  10. Dave’s answering the other questions, but regarding Mods – you can load and save the bottom, top or parts of a preset. This means that once you’ve got presets of all the behaviours you require you can operate Compassion using the top section only.

  11. this looks amazing! can’t wait to try it out

  12. I’m a drummer/producer and I have just finished building my dynamics arsenal after many years. You have surpassed it with one plugin. Fab!

    Really looking forward to trying this beast.

    I am hoping that you have an introductory bundle deal with eQuality so that I can buy both.

  13. At the risk of starting a stampede, the greatest discount will be for people who have bought EQuality before Compassion is released. Basically, that’ll be my way of giving something back, and saying thanks to people who supported DMGAudio from the start. :)

  14. Wow, It is very intellectual UI!!!!
    I feel the reduction monitor a wonderful idea.

  15. Dave I love Equality, can’t wait for this.

  16. Awesome!

  17. after a few minutes messing around with compassion on the drum bus … I just can say that it sounds amazing! great piece!

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