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April 21, 2011

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  1. Thanks for these new screenshots.

    Does Compassion comes with a manual or a wiki that details all these parameters ?

    Also it would be nice to have some presets already included in the plugin for the ‘classic’ behaviours (1176, LA2A, SSL, DBX…), is it possible to do so ?

  2. Yesterday and today I’ve been working on the manual. I’ve made a manual for EQuality too. Might expand the manual into a Wiki too; not sure yet.

    And there will be Mods and Presets that give you access to useful and familiar sonic characteristics. ;)


  3. Very interesting :) I think this is going to be a lot of fun to use . It seems that you open a extra window for editing more special parameters, please add a key stroke for closing the windows if it’s possible.
    Is there any signal flow changing for the ecxiter before /after compression?

    Feature request : please please do add at least one band or 2 to the sidechain eq, if you are on a wrong host it could save you a lot of work and add a lot to your results…and make them linkable, harmonics on the sidechain could be nice imho :)

  4. What are the advantages of this approach over than just doing something like Logic’s Platinum Compressor that has a few circuit types (Class A, VCA, FET, Opto, etc.) that you can cycle between? As much as I love compressors, Compassion seems to have more controls than I generally prefer. How much of that will I realistically use, or even understand how to use?

  5. @guppi Actually it replaces the lower half of the UI so you can focus on changing particular parameters in context. Which module is the exciter..?

    Yes, you have a 3-band sidechain EQ, one mid peak, two shelf/filter bands.

  6. @Funkybot Compassion was a difficult plugin to design for precisely the reasons you’re suggesting. Having a few circuit types is great, but it does mean limiting your options, and when you can’t get the job done, you have to switch to another compressor, which is a failing. Mods (can) behave like the circuit types list in Logic… except that you can add new ones, blend between them, etc. You don’t need to understand how to use any of the advanced parameters to reap all the benefits (assuming I do an adequate job with the factory Mod set ;) ). I quite envisage releasing packs of Mods to extend your list further, so you have immediate access to yet further dynamic textures. :)

    Also, (speaking as a user), over time, stuff starts to make sense, and you start tweaking in more detail. Basically, I started out with fixed ideas about different settings, and as time passed I’ve found more and more magic within the settings. Pandoras box of compressors.

  7. I’ve meant the transient designer and if there is a switchable signal flow for it, sorry ;)
    And to me it’s usefull to have more than 3 bands of sidechain eq sometimes, but as you said somewhere there are a lot of sidechain possibilities within all vst standards so it’s a minor thing (I’ve read your postings on kvr and gearslutz some minutes too late ) ;)

  8. That looks very nice. When will Compassion roughly be available?

  9. Assuming nothing mad happens with the release candidate (which the beta list now has), it’ll be available on Friday.

  10. Hi Dave, really neat plug-in. I’m testing it now. Is one of the specific mods for a DBX160 type sound? If not, what might be a good recipe for that from the parameters on Compassion? Thanks!

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